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Execution & Custody

Blackbox offers multiple services that provide clients with a versatile and robust white glove experience

Asset Management

Blackbox offers various investment vehicles to gain both active and passive exposure to digital assets


Blackbox provides professional consulting services for integrating/leveraging blockchain technology


Asset Management


Our actively managed fund went live in August 2021 and offers investors with an opportunity for discretionary long-only exposure to cryptocurrencies. Blackbox Digital Asset Management operates as the General Partner, leveraging fundamental and tactical analysis in a growth-oriented strategy.


Over the next few months, Blackbox intends to roll out single and multi-asset funds that will offer index-like exposure to digital assets. With low fees and lenient redemption policies, these funds aim to provide investors with streamlined, flexible access to the market.


Execution & Custody

Blackbox has the ability to provide customized spot and OTC exposure to preferred digital assets, along with secure custody and trading solutions for high net worth individuals, family offices, and financial advisors.

Contact us to learn more about how Blackbox can help you and/or your company with digital asset portfolio management.



Web3.0 Essentials

Don’t know where to start in the constantly changing world of blockchain, crypto, and Web3.0? Get setup or stay up-to-date with the latest tools to help you or your business navigate the rapidly evolving landscape. Get the most out of this innovative technology with Blackbox’s Web.3.0 Essentials.

Crypto Payments

Are your customers asking to pay in Bitcoin? Stay ahead of the competition by installing a first-class crypto payments system. Whether you’re looking to hold crypto or convert payments immediately into cash, Blackbox can help your company set up the required infrastructure to start accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more cryptocurrencies.

Token Creation

Looking to bring your assets or latest offerings into the digital future? Whether it’s real estate, shares of a company, commodities, other physical goods, etc., Blackbox can guide you through the tokenization process from start to finish. Leverage blockchain technology to bring more liquidity, transparency, and accessibility to your portfolio of assets.

General Inquires

Unsure about the difference between hot and cold storage? Having trouble setting up your personal or institutional MetaMask account? Blackbox is here to help with all of your blockchain related questions. Set up a meeting with our team to discuss how you or your company can get the most out of this new technology.

Bespoke Solutions

Blackbox will conduct a thorough review of your company and industry to provide a detailed report of how you can best leverage blockchain technology and keep pace with competitors. You will walk away with an actionable guide on how your business can take the necessary steps to stay on the cutting edge of Web3.0.